Library :
The College has maintained a rich library consisting prescribed and Recommended Textbooks by the university, and Law Journals, Periodicals, Magazines and Reference Books including printed material of immense Source of knowledge of academic and research field.

Library Rules :

Any bonafide student of the Shatakshi College of Education holding identity card is a member of the library and entitles to use the library. Each student will be entitled to borrow one book against each borrower's card (four books in all) at one time. Each book will be issued for 15 days only. Extra Activities to be conducted to discuss on the Current relevant to the Law, current topics and problem involving matters of National and International importance. The experts, scholars, and eminent personalities be invited to update the students knowledge.
Legal Aid Clinic :
To give the students the first hand experience in dealing with the practical problems, a chance will the offered to impart free legal Aid and education to the poor section of the trust. The Scheme is in accordance with the art39A of the constitution of India.


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